Friday, July 26, 2013

Aries Amanda Bynes has seen better days, but really?

Amanda Bynes, Aries

With her Moon in the fixed but detached sign of Aquarius and squaring Pluto in Scorpio (which has been receiving the Saturn in Scorpio transit since November 2012); this doesn’t speak well of her early nurturing.  Her emotions are detached and in her early years perhaps her feelings were never taken into account, by her family or the people around her.  Other’s motives towards her were kept secret.  She never got the nurturing or understanding she needed as a child.  In many ways she was used.  She has a strong personality that’s acting out in such a way where no one can control her, because they did such a good job of it in the past, its called rebellion.  She’s angry, she’s been betrayed and she doesn’t understand why.  Mercury squares Uranus and the way she’s always communicated and learned to deal with things she didn’t understand was to throw temper tantrums, which works fine when you’re a child not so much as you get older.

Her Venus conjoins the Lunar North Node and she is a good money maker.  Moving into adult hood and not letting anyone especially family make money off you has to be hard.  Part of the problem is that she’s been spit out, blown off, and treated like a pariah when she failed to go along with the program that was set in motion as a child.  So not only does she have a problem growing up and letting go but so does her mother, and family.

Her natal Mars in Capricorn and Neptune in Capricorn ruler of career and work has been aspected by the great Uranus-Pluto square and perhaps she’s felt betrayed and alone for the last 2 years.  Reinventing her career and job opportunities hasn’t been easy. Mars and Neptune together can make on easily enchanted and fall in love way too easily.  In Capricorn this relates to older men.  There’s a hint of secrecy here, and a hint of sexual misbehavior. Someone’s been sold or sold out.

Her natal Saturn (the natural ruler of Capricorn) in Sagittarius squares Jupiter and the planet of intellect and communications Mercury squares Uranus, her education has gaps and perhaps she should take this time to mature and go back to school.  She communicates in an erratic way.   She might even have learning disabilities, which are manifesting in a bipolar way.

What does the future hold for Amanda Bynes?

Since the planet Saturn in Scorpio has conjoined her Pluto in Scorpio she’s stopped for the time being.  As the Lunar Nodes conjoin her natal Pluto, square her Moon and Lilith, she may have to be stopped again, and she could attempt something more dangerous September through December, is going to be the time when she has to pull herself together.

As the Uranus Pluto square aspects her Aries Sun beginning in March 2014 she may have a flash of understanding, go back to work and become the person she was meant to be.  This may mean separating from people around her yet again. She’s going to need help growing up and facing reality as he goes through her Saturn return in 2015.  If she makes it through these difficult times, we’ll see more of her!

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