Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Sexstrology® Love is in the Air!

For lots of single people finding love or their soulmate isn’t the easiest thing.  Equally, determining when someone will find someone is a complicated endeavor.  Statistically it’s 1 in 100 hundred people that we meet that we have a strong connection with.  Astrologically, we could have a partner or soulmate of each different spiritual level that we journey through.   Typically, people use the phrase “grown apart” to describe the reaction to traversing to another spiritual level. In today’s planetary environment many people are changing, maturing and growing spiritually at a rapid pace.  Don’t get me wrong growing spiritually isn’t just an upward climb some people fall and head in a downward direction and the soulmate they encounter on the way down is yet a different person.  Attracting someone of a high caliber is reason enough to keep on an upward spiritual path, since everyone we attract reflects some part of us or reflects something that’s going on inside of us.

That’s one of the reasons I think it’s important to know when to get out, when you could meet “the one “, your soulmate, or that 1 in 100 that’s a potential mate.  The 1st step in finding love or your soulmate is to get yourself focused on what’s important, and that’s the inside of you. That comes first!

Knowledge is power; Terry offers a variety of Astrological Reports tailored to your specific needs!  It's a great place to start to learn astrology, and discover how astrology can help you in every area  of your life! What secrets are hidden in your Natal Birth Chart? What's ahead for your Birthday or  New Year & are you really compatible with your lover, boyfriend or mate? Important questions and  these reports are the first step to those important answers.

Sexstrology ® It's All About Him or All about Her Astrology Report
All About Him or All about Her, this report tells you everything you want to know about your new love, old love or just getting started love. Get insights to what makes him or her tick. Read more »

Sexstrology Report Lover's Astrological Compatibility Report
This report gives you a heads up on you and your significant other or potential partner. What are the planetary aspects that bind the twp of you together? What are the challenges the relationship faces and is there true love and a soul connection or are you just friends? Read more »

Sexstrology ® Lover’s Experience, What’s Ahead?
This daily report is the ultimate time line for your relationship a day by day transit report for your relationship. Know ahead of time. Now you can avoid minor break ups if you know you are more apt to argue or fight on those emotionally charged days. Depending on your natal birth charts and your aspects this chart could tell you Read more »

Sexstrology ® When will you get Married or find true love or your Soulmate
The most important question I get is when will I get married, fall in love or find my Soul mate. Marriage and the timing of marriage is very important in many cultures and especially today in western cultures when it’s so hard to find true love. Read more »

Sexstrology Lover's Relationship Composite Report
The "US" Report. When two people come together their lives melt together and create another entity,or vibration. An "us" is born. Find out what the character and life of your relationships is or what it would be like. Read more »

Sexstrology Lover Compatibility Report written by Terry Nazon
Let Terry Nazon give her professional opinion about the biggest investment you'll ever make with your heart and your life! This report gives you a heads up on you and your significant other or potential partner. Read more »

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