Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Venus Retrograde The Anatomy of a Retrograde

As your horoscope week begins the planet of Love, romance, and wealth, Venus goes retrograde until June 27th.  Venus typically retrogrades every about every year or 18 months, depending on its transit.  Everyone who studies astrology tries to understand the movements of the planets and pierce understand their transits through the signs.  How we see them from our perspective here on planet Earth, is sometimes quite different from what is actually happening, our perspective is skewed here on earth.  Retrogrades are special times when the planets appear to us from our vantage point of Earth to be moving backwards.  They aren’t really.  Mercury will not be transiting backwards, nor will any of the other planets.  They will only appear to be moving backwards due to its position in orbit and it’s relation to the Earth, as it moves away from the planet Earth in its orbit.  The farther an object is from us the slower it appears to be moving, it’s that simple.  An object really far away appears to be moving backwards.  Space and time affect our perception.

Science has proven that there is a difference in the influence of a planet when moving toward the Earth (or direct) and moving away from the Earth or retrograde.  This difference is called Red Shift.  When a planet is receding, or moving away it appears to be retrograde, the color of the light it gives off changes.  It does in fact have a different measurable speed and different light spectrum.  This is called Red Shift.  When a planet is retrograde its influence is subnormal.  Retrogrades makes the normal influence of any planet weak. 
Venus retrograde produces red spectrum lines and its influence is the antithesis or the exact opposite of Venus direct, its influence is more like Mars.  Normally Venus produces a violet light.  When retrograde a red spectrum light like Mars. The give and take of Venus is undermined now and many will feel they have to do more or give more to receive love, recognition, or attention.  Nothing comes easy under Venus retrograde and the concept of “what’s in it for me” is always prevalent.

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