Sunday, June 10, 2018

Today's Planets and You! Daily Horoscopes

Today's Planets and You! Today the Moon is in the fixed sign of Taurus where the planet of sudden change Uranus is too. Some people have a tough time adjusting to change and certainly we have some hold outs with Mars and the Lunar South Node in Aquarius.  How stubborn are you to change?   The Moon in Taurus favors #Taurus and all the Earthy Sun signs.  Test your skills who are the other Sun signs?  #Taurus takes charge today and that feels good, #Gemini has to feel the need to re-adjust and re-brand their image, #Cancer hears from a friend and realizes that person is no longer a friend just an acquaintance, #Leo you're going to be happier if you make life all about you and do what makes you happiest, #Virgo there's a treasure of deep love coming your way so keep looking for it, #Libra don't look back, look ahead, #Scorpio new people and love interests pry you out of the pit of the past, #Sagittarius find someone to partner with, you need that, #Capricorn you understand the past, let it go and re-define your life, it's all about you now, #Aquarius rebuild your base, make anywhere you are home, in 4 months you'll be happy you did, #Pisces this is your time to clear mistakes of the past and make wiser decisions slower. We can all get through Mars in Aquarius!  The greatest gift of astrology is knowing how long a difficult time lasts!  On the other side of Mars in Aquarius is Jupiter in Sagittarius! Bingo!

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