Sunday, May 13, 2018

Today's Planets and You ! Daily Horoscopes

Today's Planets and You! Daily Horoscopes Here we go! It's time for a big shift and although Uranus doesn't enter Taurus until Tuesday the New Moon, preparations are being made that you can sense or begin to feel now as the Moon enters Taurus ! The Moon in Taurus favors #Taurus to take the initiative and do something big, #Gemini now has to be very careful not to upset the apple cart least it fall on him or her, #Cancer renews a gym membership and comes back to life, #Leo has to decide if they need or want the drama of a relationship, Oh my! #Virgo walks away from suffering, #Libra decides which relationships are worthwhile and which can fade into the night, #Scorpio becomes less scrappy and defensive, #Sagittarius gets more scrappy and defensive, #Capricorn becomes more self-confident with every challenge they complete, #Aquarius is needy today, #Pisces asks questions and says "Just the facts Please", while #Aries stares at an increase in fiances and gets what they want today.  There's more on my website 

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