Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy Birthday #Taurus If You're Born Today

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today or you are a Taurus 11*-12* Rising your year ahead even if you wanted to spend freely and indulge yourself you might not have the time or you might be constantly investing in your own future.  Education costs and your spiritual guru could get expensive.  Not that a  grounded Bull would ever get into a cult or give away their heard earned money but you never know. There may also be something you're saving for like a new condo or home.  Relationships see exciting enough but you might also find they're sometimes more hype than substance.  In short Taurus born today is looking sexier than ever to potential partners.  To others it seems you have it all.  This year you're haunted by the past and never want to repeat any of it.  This alone keeps you on track and saving for that rainy day.  Accept help when it's offered.  Emerald is the birthstone of May! If that's too expensive try Green Quartz, Peridot or Green Tourmaline. Real Astrology by a Real Astrologer! 
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Emerald is the birthstone of May! if that's too expensive true Green Quartz, peridot or Green Tourmaline. #Taurus #Gemini #Birthstone#Borntoday #BirthdayHoroscope

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