Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Gemini If You're Born Today Birthday Horoscope

Happy Birthday Gemini if you're born today or you are a 7*-8* Gemini Rising it's a time to revitalize your wardrobe, looks, diet and start to feel better.  Health issues can come up but they'll be minor if you've adopted a healthier routine.  This year you're all about looking your best and the planets align to help you shine.  Avoid playing the role of Mommy or Daddy to too many this will exhaust you emotionally and drain you financially.  That means you need to keep hot romantic affairs where they belong, behind closed doors and passionate.  It will just ruin things when money gets involved.  It also means that a hottie who's younger and into you maybe into much more.  Expect that he or she will need some financial assistance along the way.  Move on the winter months look much more promising for real love and a more compatible mate or partner.  This year try something new by keeping more to yourself.  You'll travel and try to find the real meaning to life and what truly makes you happiest. Hint: it's inside you not outside of you!

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