Monday, April 30, 2018

Today's Planets and You! Daily Horoscopes

Today's Planets and You! The Moon is bright in the skies after last night's Full Moon, as it aligns with fortunate Jupiter who is super close to us here on Earth!  It's fortunate for making money, dealing with powerful decisions makers and for leaving the past behind you!  The Moon in Scorpio favors #Scorpio to to forge ahead with confidence and good advice, #Sagittarius gets a boost from behind the scenes or finds something valuable, #Capricorn gets a financial opportunity that resurfaces from the past, #Aquarius stares down a conflict between their relationship and professional aspirations, #Pisces should let others fight their battles, #Aries gets a big financial boost today but shouldn't spend it just yet, #Taurus all eyes are on you so be on your best behavior, #Gemini should be steady and avoid stepping in Sh*^t, #Cancer be more private and avid spending more than you should, #Leo stay as calm as possible you close to losing it, #Virgo be more self-confident please, and #Libra might get a basket full of cash or a loan.  

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