Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy Birthday #Capricorn If You're Born Today Birthday Horoscope

Happy Birthday #Capricorn if you're born today or you are a 19* Capricorn Rising this applies to you too, it's a special day when you are alerted to what's right, what's wrong and the changes you need to make in your life.  Perhaps your willingness to be nice to others, to agree with others and not to make complaints when necessary gets your blood pressure going.  You can feel taken advantage up or like the cork is going to pop because you didn't say what you needed to say. In short, this year disappointments run very deep so from time to time lower your expectations.  The universe makes you all too aware of mistakes made at your expenses and when others need to be called to task for taking your needs or goodwill for granted.  Express yourself in 2018.  Make sure you get things done to your high expectations.  Recommended Birthday Reports: Year Ahead Report, The Birthday Report. 

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