Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Happy Birthday #Scorpio if you're born today Birthday Horoscope

Happy Birthday #Scorpio if you're born today or you are a 22* Scorpio Rising the light is dimming on your past, your irrational fears and whatever you feel you lost. You might even have a hard time remembering what happened in the past. It's like that with painful occurrences. You know it happened, it's part of your past, maybe you see a scar, but the pain you felt fades away.  It's the healing process and you are well aware of the healing process over the next year as you put the past behind you and forget the pain. You might find that you are secretly wishing and hoping for a fairy tale romance or intense flirtation.  It comes your way this year and freezes you in your tracks.  This will be the only time you see the scars of your past emerge.  So, flirt til your hearts desire but take things slow, since there's things to sort through in your heart. 

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