Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Libra if you're born today Birthday Horoscope

Happy Birthday Libra if you're born today or you are a 19* Libra Rising this applies to you too your Solar Return year Ahead can still make you feel that sharing your ideas, plans and implementing them is harder than you initially though.  You walk on egg shells with siblings and perhaps in order to fit in you keep your more original thoughts and ideas to yourself. In short you might keep secrets from other to avoid anyone pooh poohing them.  It makes sense though sense when something great happens to you or you have an original idea you need to savor it and live with it for a while.  Others opinions or criticisms might deflate or shoot down a positive outcome.  During your year ahead you can be overcome by a sense of urgency and tell yourself constantly to "hurry up".  You'll have lots going on so it makes sense that you'll have to Hurry up!  In love you may find someone soft, cuddly and someone you can trust.

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