Saturday, August 5, 2017

Coincidence or not? A 17 day Vacation, President Trump returns too the White house on the New Moon Solar Eclipse

 President Trump has gone on a 17 day vacation while the White House gets renovated.  Could it be a coincidence or not, he will return to the White House on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. In 17 days on August 21st, at 2:30 pm EDT. The Solar eclipse of the century takes place.  We will experience a phenomenal New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo that occurs right across the mid section of the United States, and on the Ascendant of the birth chart of President Trump.  Maybe, the point is to get a new beginning or fresh start, but that's not how this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo works necessarily.  I didn't know he was such a follower of astrology! No wait, I did know what a follower of astrology he is.

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