Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mercury Retrograde preparing for!

Hopefully you’ve noticed a switch or you feel a little more energetic by now. Thanks in past the Sun in Leo along with the planet Mars.  Together they ignite passions, your ability to get back in the driver’s seat and of course your self-confidence.  Take full advantage of this aspect and really get on top of things.  It’s going to take you a long ways forward.  Mercury  not just the planet of communications, but the planet of plans, information, transportation and what we do with all that information is now in his shadow.  What does that mean?  It means that the degrees that Mercury transits now and before he goes retrograde on August 12th, he will go back over and then make a 3rd pass over those degrees when Mercury resumes direct motion on Sept. 5th.  You could find that whatever you start to do now, you will continue doing or repeating through Sept. 5th, even the mistakes you make! So pay attention. 
Mercury in retrograde also can be very romantic, because in Virgo it’s related to the Vestal Virgins.  It’s deeply symbolic, sensual, prophetic and deeper than you might think! Along with Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo, things could get quite romantic!  It is after all dating season! 

Short of having a consultation with me and having me analyze the strength or weakness or even how Mercury  operates in your chart My Mercury Report does a very good job.  You need to know how your Birth planets operate and the strength of each planet.  Yes, some planets because of the signs they’re in or houses are stronger than others!
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Mercury Your Individual Planet Interpretation Report: This astrology report focuses on the planet Mercury in your natal birth chart.  Its position in your birth chart reveals lots about your intellect, your communication style and how you get your point across to others, how you think and plan things.  Everyone uses communications differently!   Understand how the planet Saturn works within your natal birth chart this report is an easy read format for the beginning, intermediate student or enthusiast of astrology.  Every astrologer has to have a very good understanding of how the planets operate and function in the natal birth chart, and this report does just that!  This report is for the beginner or intermediate student or enthusiast of astrology who wants to know more about themselves or another person.  Available on my web store

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