Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today or you're a 7* Leo Rising things will be intense and there will be lots of pressure on you in many different ways.  You're caught between the past and pleasing people from your past perhaps because you are still tied to them and worry about the repercussions financially or you really do still care.  You might not trust an ex or current relationship to always do the right thing as you feel their judgement could be impaired or their abilities to cope are limited. So you keep on foot in the that door while your body, mind, heart and soul are in a completely new direction.  This can only go on for so long compartmentalizing your life! There's so much excitement coming to your life and you'll embrace it fully, while doing a balancing act.  You crave excitement this year because let's face it, it's so much fun.  You long to be with new friends who enlighten you and open new doors for you.  It's a year when you trip the light fantastic and everything is new, exciting and cutting edge. 

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