Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today

 Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today or if you are a 2*-3*degree Leo Rising this would pertain to you too, you have more energy and a dynamic year ahead of you. Sure you can rely on your mate, partner, business partner, best friend or significant other but why?  Do they have a better ideas than you?  Not really, as you'll figure out this year.  You know the best thing to do and why suffer because of someone Else's illness, poor judgement or inefficiencies any longer.  You're not one to go down with a sinking ship so off you'll go on your won this year!  This is your year to fly solo and do things your way.  You might have a great money making idea whose time has come to be put into motion. This year you turn your very own wheel of life!  Let go of an unrequited lover who steals your energy and gives nothing in return.  
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