Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today or you are a t 26* degree Gemini Rising there is some issue that haunts you this year from Nov.-April, it can be revealed through dreams or your intuition but it also makes you want to avoid certain people, maybe some friends, as you are keen to what others are saying to you and how they come across.  You are looking for real or authentic friendships and relationships this year.  You want to be embraced for your true self, not for what you do or with people who tend to be competitive with you.  That's too much work.  You have a strong spiritual sense this year as you seek the truth or more wisdom.  If you are will to let go of certain people you have outgrown you'll find you attract new people. So, raise your expectations and your vibration, cling to happiness an the vision of where you see yourself.  Miracles are possible.  Recommended Report The Birthday Report (

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