Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today (or you are 21* degree Gemini Rising)there is an ongoing problem with relationship, loss of a relationship, a relationship that tests your patience, your marriage if you're married, a lawsuit or your friendships.  It can be a lonely time if you let it.  Perhaps there are no easy answers and your personal life just requires more patience.  You could be or become a power broker and you definitely have the skills necessary to navigate around sales, earning major commissions and excelling in selling your ideas or pitching ideas to power brokers or customers. So, this is a talent that must be cultivated because the rewards are astronomical! You have what it takes to make your own way in life!  If you have a dream or a vision about your future, a business, a career or profession now would be the time to pursue your dreams. While you might not have the backing or support of others you really don't need it.  It will be so much more heavenly when you can look back and Say "Look at me now!

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