Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Gemini if you're born today 

Happy Birthday Gemini if you're born today you need to do things that make you feel comfortable not what makes others feel comfortable.  It really is all about you.  If anything goes wrong you'll only have yourself to depend on.  While it's certain you'll have to nurture and take care of yourself because the stress just keeps on coming.  Over and over again you've had to show strength and resilience but when is it just time to throw in the towel.  When are your energies better spent elsewhere?  These are things you'll definitely think about over the coming year.  Change is ahead and sometimes you might not have a choice about what happens.  There could be a move too.  This year you hang on for dear life hoping the angst and worry just goes away.  Next year you find yourself in a much better position and much better living conditions.  See procrastinating and not making a decision is the worst medicine of all.  In love, you're hoping to regain that loving feeling with an old love.  But new loves are in abundance and it's fishing season again.

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