Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today you could be in charge of cleaning up or fixing other people's messes.  You notice the mistakes other make and you may take it upon yourself to point this out.  This is great if you're working in an environment where people are slacking and hurting the company you work for.  You are Chief in charge of others mistakes this year.  That also means that you too will have to make sure you too are doing things perfectly.  In the end you could eventually make major changes on the job, in your community or in your family as you are the only one who seems to know what they're doing.  This might not win you any friends only, but it will get you noticed by the boss and higher ups.  Oh, and maybe another like minded person, just as determined to see things done right.  This bonding if appropriate, could lead to a major romance!   Recommended report The Birthday Report. 

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