Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today you'll have to find new ways to deal with stress and mental uneasiness.  More rest, more sleep and taking the time to socialize more and join in with group activities will work. There will be times during the coming year when the stress affects you more.  So, learn how to manage it.  Since you are probably everyone's go to person on the job, you're working harder than everyone else. Maybe since everyone has learned how knowledgeable you are and that you can fix the office printers when they break down everyone is in need of you.  Your regular work gets done after hours or on the weekends. Ok so you win employee of the month, but your nerves are frazzled!  It's everyone's opinion that you need to be compensated for your value though.  Money comes through your job and your own extreme efforts and know how.  Nothing can stop you this year.  Expect maybe your health and being worn out.  make time to rest and enjoy life.  In love, you find someone special who has a unique perspective on life and who takes you away from your grueling schedule for time on a secluded beach.  Recommended Astrology Report The Birthday Report.  it makes a great gift too for the Taurus in your life!  Visit www.terrynazon.com for more Horoscopes, sign up for my Horoscope Newsletter or Book your Consultation with me using my Online Scheduling App at https://live.vcita.com/site/73a7714620cd2d90

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