Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today!

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today! you do need to take care of your health this year.  Watch for minor aches, pains and tummy aches.  A warning about your diet and indulging too much! The good news is that if you join a gym, take a yoga class or do martial arts, you'll not only be a more well rounded person you could find love.  If you're single and ready to mingle that is.  You are the ultimate people pleaser this year with over the top Jupiter in Libra.  But that's yet another indication of how you can wear yourself ragged trying to please everyone.  No you're not co-dependent. Or are you?  Well it's something to think about.  This year with all the changes, and stress you have going on you'll have to remind yourself t let others help you too.  There's a tendency to be grouchy when people try to help you and that's a big No-No.  While you're not focused on love that doesn't mean love won't find you.  In fact, someone finds you very attractive.  While you tend to be a bit geeky this year that can be so sexy to others.  This year work hard, work out and take time to smell the roses!

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