Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today you may have to make a huge adjustment with your diet, and health in order to avoid wasting your whole summer at the doctors.  Nip health and diet concerns in the bud.  If you find you're spending too much time in the house, don't allow yourself to become a shut in, get out and about.  Force yourself to forge new friendships, join clubs, a gym, sports teams and join in with group activities.  Invite along to others get togethers yourself for heavens sake! It's your year to come out of your little shell and sign karaoke.  All work and no play will put you in the hospital  So it's imperative to being some joy and happiness into your life to live a more balanced life.  One good thing about working so hard is that you can find love around your job. If not your job then where someone else works. 

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