Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Venus and Saturn

This week although the planet of love, money, wealth and marriage has resumed direct motion and she’s aspecting Saturn retrograde again ouch!  This puts an emphasis on broken hearts, codependent relationships, past romantic and financial experiences.  Perhaps in the past you put up with some cold, unloving or hurtful behavior from someone, or you let others use you, or abuse you.  Venus in Pisces can be forgiveness, and compassion, but it’s also co-dependent relationships, victimization and cruelty as she aspects Saturn’s meanness.  It’s also financial and as I said in previous Weekly Horoscopes this particular aspect or movement of Venus goes back to 2009, when Venus retrograded at the same degree and in the same sun sign, Aries.  

In 2009 the world was climbing out of a Global Financial Crisis and the Dow was at its lowest point.  The events from that time period are probably ingrained upon our collective psyches because now Saturn is at the degree of the Galactic Center, ruler of the collective consciousness.  This potent degree represents what we’re all thinking or the great collective of ideas.  This week moving forward it’s vital not to repeat the mistakes of the past, especially with 5 planets in total retrograde this month.  It’s a turning point for sure.  

Looking forward into the coming months the Lunar Nodes, Uranus and Saturn align for some new fun and excitement, and perhaps some new romances. The planet Jupiter in Libra will be finishing it’s retrograde cycle in June and again this whole concept about relationships being under review is in play.  What new energy comes into your life in May that changes your outlook and things in general?   

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