Monday, April 24, 2017

Today's Planets and You!

Today's Planets and You! As the Moon grows dimmer in Aries it' could bring some surprises.  The Moon in #Aries favors #Aries to speak up and show their genius, #Taurus comes to realize their secret fears & phobias are truly outdated, #Gemini knows it's time to step it up, #Cancer says "No more naps" and gets back to work, #Leo in enamored by a dream or someone far away, #Virgo meets a challenge, #Libra wants to confront someone, #Scorpio wishes someone loved him or her back, #Sagittarius pay the price for being too aggressive with someone, #Capricorn gets some well needed good fortune, #Aquarius is fired up and ready to fight City Hall, while #Pisces  makes some important revelations about getting along with others. Visit for more Horoscopes, sign up for my Horoscope Newsletter or Book your Consultation with me using my Online Scheduling App at Recommended reports to go along with this article the Year Ahead Report, The Mars Report and The Pluto Report.

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