Friday, April 21, 2017

Today's Planets and You!

Today's Planets and You! The Moon in Aquarius changes signs this afternoon when you get anxious about being late or wonder if you locked the door on your way out.  Today's Moon favors #Aquarius who gets support from others, #Pisces who gets a 2nd chance, #Aries who chooses not to get on the roller coaster but to take things at a slower pace, #Taurus who makes a profound discovery about themselves and changes accordingly, #Gemini who we get to learn more about since they can't hid their secrets anymore, #Cancer who sees the difference between Mr. or Ms. Right and Mr. or Ms. bad boy or bad girl, but doesn't really care, #Leo takes their place as king or queen of the jungle and asks you to bow accordingly, #Virgo has relationship issues but can't give up on anyone, so suffers on, #Libra seeks a Long, long distance relationship to give him or her the space or freedom they so need, #Scorpio loses a love and gains another, or wins some and loses some, #Sagittarius invests in property or their home, while #Capricorn has earned a lucky break. Visit for more Horoscopes, sign up for my Horoscope Newsletter or Book your Consultation with me using my Online Scheduling App at Recommended reports to go along with this article the Year Ahead Report, The Mars Report and The Pluto Report. 

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