Sunday, April 2, 2017

Today's Planets and You!

Today's Planets and you! The Moon starts the day in #Gemini which sets the tone for what's ahead since the Moon opposes Saturn who is whispering to you about doing something new or a new idea that could change the course of your life and free you but you have a million reasons not to follow through.  The Moon favors #Gemini not to listen to anyone but themselves, #Cancer who is stuck in a rut toiling away but takes a break for romance, #Leo is very sensitive to what others are up to today, #Virgo has a romantic dilemma,  #Libra needs help to get over the hump, #Scorpio comes up with a money making idea, #Sagittarius is in full control, #Capricorn works on being less gullible, #Aquarius forces themselves to enjoy the day, #Pisces moves at a frantic pace, #Aries has a great idea but no support for it, #Taurus get creative with their finances, Visit for more #Horoscopes and Book your #Birthday Consultation with me on my Online Scheduling App

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