Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time to Reset

It’s the New Moon in Taurus which starts a new cycle that could have you thinking about “what’s right”, what belongs to you, your possessions,  what the right thing to do is, your morals and how you feel about situations in your life.  It brings up money issues, your dreams about something you’d like to have, that one thing that would make you happiest. You could question yourself, or wonder about how a thing or person makes you feel.  It is a motivating New Moon because you can use the determination, fortitude and strength of the sign of Taurus to accomplish anything.  This New Moon phase is all the more potent because the planets Mercury RX  and Mars are in each other’s signs. Mercury RX    retrograde is in the sign of Aries ruled by the planet Mars and Mars  is in the sign of Gemini naturally ruled by the planet Mercury.  This suggests that some people are doing things without thinking and others are more inclined to act on what they are thinking very quickly and methodically.  I like these three Suns signs Aries, (Mercury), Taurus (New Moon) and Gemini (Mars) because they are the house of action, initiative and really getting things done.  As the Lunar North Node prepares to leave the sign of procrastination Virgo, you too will stop procrastinating and start something new.  

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