Friday, April 21, 2017

The last of 3 Venus square Saturn aspects is over!

With the last of 3 Venus square Saturn RX aspects under our belt there's reason to celebrate!  Your love life, and finances can improve now. The landscape of your life can change with the planet of action and ruler of men, Mars in a new sign, the sign of Gemini and Mercury RX  in Aries getting more cozy with Uranus.  The Lunar Nodes prepare for a sign change and slowly but surely life becomes fun again. The scenario of fake news, little white lies, and twitter rants and trolls is about to change.  While there's always the threat of the unexpected through the 1st half of May, you'll find for the most part that change is good. Expect change but still keep one eye open for accidents and the unexpected. Don't push anyone to the brink.

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