Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pluto has gone retrograde n Capricorn

As it does once a year the planet Pluto has gone retrograde n Capricorn until the end of September.  Do you know the myth of Hades (Pluto) who kidnapped Persephone and forced her to ruler the underworld with him? He rarely came out into the Sunlight and when he did he was to be invisible, wearing a special hat that made him so.  This gave him a special advantage of course, he could eaves drop and spy on the other Gods.  Which made them all quite suspicious and untrusting of him, another Pluto trait.  Today the Pluto ruled probably  hide behind sunglasses that they wear to excess, or the internet where they wreak havoc. 

Pluto in Capricorn is of course about power, maturity, the world view and how we contribute or not to the world and society.  It’s about what you’ve built, the structures around you, like your career, profession, and ambitions.  In Capricorn, Pluto confronts authority figures, has anger issues stemming from inner frustration with a chosen path, career or if you’re younger what you feel is forced on you by parents or elders.  Now that Pluto is retrograde it’s time to do the ugly inner work as this inner angst surfaces.  It's time o really delve into what motivates you, your dream and your ambitions.  What we find with Pluto retrograde is that something like a career, profession or business was not all we thought it was going to be.  You could be burnt out,  and no matter how much work you put into it something it’s just not going to make you happy.  It’s inner angst time.  If you’re interested in delving more deeply into your Pluto issues you can get my Astrology Report on the planet on my web store  Pluto.

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