Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Taurus if you're born today you need to be very cautious with money and get rich quick schemes that could rob you of your riches over the next two years.  that means long term commitments like a property purchase or major purchase could be a headache in the future.  Be careful! You could be egged on by friends, higher ups or people you think are smarter than you to take risks with your savings, but should you?  The answer is no.  Any good idea will still be good when Mercury goes direct.  This year avoid the tendency to think others no better than you. Focus on doing more and not sitting around brain stroming so much.  Join clubs, a gym, teams and get more active.  You have lots of opportunities to work overtime and earn more from your job and career if you get along with others.  Be professional and avoid the usual office politics.  In love, keep things friendly.
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