Saturday, March 4, 2017

Today's Planets & You!

Today's Planets &  You! The #Gemini Moon turns up the tweets a notch,  then somewhere at Sunrise Sunday kicks it up even more! Maybe you've got something to get off your chest too.  Do it now, while diplomacy & good manners are taking a nap, thanks to the planet or decorum & discretion Venus going retrograde. The #Gemini Moon favors #Gemini for fast and furious love affairs, #Cancer to be the only diplomatic #Sunsign out there, #Leo to madly in love, again, #Virgo to be a good bet for the sack, #Libra to book 2 or 3 days in one day, #Scorpio to have good fortune but be selfish, #Sagittarius feel your pain if you need a shoulder to cry on, #Capricorn is ready for battle, #Aquarius is ready to spend & buy everyone drinks, #Pisces makes life altering decisions for the best, #Aries rethinks their angry outburst & realizes it's strange to the rest of us, #Taurus gets a message about money which is a good thing! Visit for more #DailyHoroscopes Remember Venus is retrograde so get your Venus Report or Book Your Consultation with me Terry Nazon using my Online Scheduling App it's easy & Convenient!


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