Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Pisces if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Pisces if you're born today you are really going through quite the personal transformation.  Timing is essential though.  Know when to challenge others, when to back away and when to show off.  if not you'll get a reputation as someone always stealing the show or butting in.  Not to worry the planets are helping you to read situations and people like a book.  In fact, you have a whole memorized repertoire of  Do's and Don't s to draw from.   Your past relationship experience provide you with a wealth of information that guides.  So, it's on you if you continue to make the same mistakes in your personal life and with employers, your job, co-workers and neighbors. The universe also signals it's time to take better care of your health and show you care to those less fortunate.  You might adopt a stray cat or dog and he or she becomes your new BFF.  Visit for more and to book your Birthday Consultation

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