Monday, February 6, 2017

Today's Planets & You!

Today's Planets & You! Today the moon is in talkative #Gemini where nervous energy & chattiness rule.  But saying anything at anytime just doesn't go over well today. In fact it meets with resistance.  The #Gemini Moon favors #Gemini to talk around blockages, #Cancer  is asked to work even harder than they are already working, #Leo shouldn't be pushed for answers today, #Virgo is held accountable for their choice in friends & partners, #Libra has strong likes & dislikes that change hour by hour, #Scorpio is afraid to make a decision today, #Sagittarius doesn't feel cherished & needs a little more "Me" time, #Capricorn moves at his or her own pace which doesn't go over well with anyone, #Aquarius needs to stay even more focused than they already are, #Pisces needs to stay on budget but has someone to bank roll him or her if necessary, #Aries has spurs of tremendous energy and independence which drives others crazy, and #Taurus knows exactly what to say to anyone who criticizes them.  Visit for more #Dailyhoroscopes

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