Saturday, February 18, 2017

Today's Planets & You!

Today's Planets & You! Today the Moon enters  the sign of Sagittarius at 1:52 Pm where it meets ups with the Sun who just entered the sign of Pisces.  these 2 mutable signs change, shape shift , switch gears & can have you scratching your head! Govern yourself accordingly!  The Moon in Sagittarius favors #Sagittarius for saving the day, #Capricorn for healing & thinking fast, #Aquarius needs to avoid financial mistakes, #Pisces realizes everyone is watching them, #Aries has relied upon a hunch or advice that isn't good, #Taurus needs to put themselves first, While #Gemini tries to balance the books, while saving face, #Cancer challenges those who don't treat them well enough, #Leo smells a betrayal, #Virgo's mood can switch at a moments notice, #Libra wants to move, renovate or spare themselves an expensive repair, #Scorpio wants to be comforted, but goes overboard and tires everyone. Visit for more #Dailyhoroscopes

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