Saturday, February 11, 2017

Today's Planets & You!

Today's Planets & You! I hope you enjoyed the Full Moon Eclipse in #Leo, a chance to find your bliss again!  The Moon passes over the Royal Star Regulus & enters #Virgo today but there's a choice before you today! The Moon forms a passing Yod also called the finger of God & you can definitely needle someone if you want or you can chose to treat others the way you want to be treated. The Aquarius Sun trines Jupiter today.  There will be people out there who chose to needle, criticize & hate & others who chose to take the higher road towards bliss & good fortune.  Which are you today?  The #Virgo Moon favors #Virgo to be released from an obligation, #Libra to end go no where flirtations, #Scorpio to have an Ah ha moment, #Sagittarius can make us laugh or make us not want to talk to him or her anymore, #Capricorn wants to save their money not spend it, #Aquarius should be very careful and chose their words wisely or not say anything at all, #Pisces should keep their finances secret, #Aries could rely heavily on others but why? #Taurus can eat lavishly & stay on their diets, #Gemini  needs to be gracious and grateful, #Cancer shouldn't make a financial commitment but save, & #Leo makes a bold move! Visit for more #DailyHoroscopes

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