Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Birthday #Pisces if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Pisces if you're born today the Gods are with you. It also happens to be Maha Shivaratri  a Hindu festival celebrated annually in honor of the God Shiva. So let the force be with you!  Still haunted by the ghosts of things gone wrong in that past you can at least laugh about them, vow to do better and get a fresh start on life.  The Moon is in Aquarius during your Birthday and it's dark just before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your Sun sign. You are guided by spirit world to do the right thing and never waiver from being a good person.   By now no matter what your age you have seen the good and bad of life and people, chose good and you'll have no problems going forward.  If you do, search your own heart fro that little bit of negative hatred that still needs to be expunged.  yes, you can heal yourself and find happiness going forward! Money comes unexpectedly and romantic blockages get buried forever more.

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