Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Birthday #Aquarius if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Aquarius if you're born today it's all about new experiences that perhaps you dreamed about, or even lived temporarily before, but now it's for real and for good. Your days of being outspoken or a whistle blower maybe in the past as you resolve to work in a more politically correct way through the systems that you abhor, or want to change.  You nonetheless see injustices and things that can be improved all around you, and truly want to help change things for the better.  This internal instinct will always be in your heart but you could also opt to express your angst in a more personal way through a challenging long distance relationship, the debate club, or through studying law or political science. It doesn't always have to be through the HR dept. or with a picket sign on some street. Aquarius this year you are capable of making great sacrifices to make a difference in others lives, to save lives and to follow your heart.

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