Thursday, January 12, 2017

Today's planets & You

Today the Moon is Full In #Cancer but it's also making lots of aspects to the slower moving planets so bring your A game.  As the #FullMoon changes signs around Sunset the mood gets happier though.  The Moon in #Cancer favors #Cancer for acting quickly to put out fires, While #Leo should put off confrontations until this evening, #Virgo should know it's not the time for surprises or practical jokes, #Libra gets put on the spot, #Scorpio tries to make a good impression, #Sagittarius doesn't want to be bossy but has to be, #Capricorn has to move fast today and doesn't mind taking charge, #Aquarius could have a wardrobe malfunction, #Pisces a financial malfunction, while #Aries goes to extremes to get attention, #Taurus should try a little sweetener with their criticism, and #Gemini knows they're  only one puddle away from drowning sometimes. Visit for more #DailyHoroscopes

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