Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Birthday #Capricorn if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Capricorn if you're born today you want new things like new clothes and new furniture.  Anything that's broken or in need of repair you'll toss out and replace. That makes it easier.  You enjoy a year of freedom to do and say whatever you want.  The upheaval of prior years seems to be in your rear view mirror.  There's no deep emotional involvement or tears either, except the tears you chose to shed in therapy of course.  This year you're on a mission to put the past behind you so you'll pay off your debts and avoid people who try to hang on to you for their own benefits.  Be free this year and don't feel guilty about letting go. Avoid situations where you're not really sure of what's going on.  In love, you chose situations and people who are completely honest with you.  But that doesn't stop 3rd parties from trying to wiggle in.   Visit for more!


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