Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy birthday #Aquarius if you're born today

Happy birthday #Aquarius if you're born today all manner of fresh starts and new beginnings happen to you this year! It's your year to think fast as unexpected expenses arise and perhaps you get targeted by anothers scheming. In love although you pine for a past love you realize throughout the year it's just not the same, and things have changed. friends are another sore spot because this year your loyalty is just not returned in equal measure or a friend moves away. So make sure you do your best to meet new friends or you could be very lonely indeed. Visit to find out what your Birthday Year holds for you.

Happy Chinese New Year! The Chinese New Year begins It's the Year of the Fire Rooster! with the New Moon in Aquarius tonight at 7:07 pm EDT. I love it when the Moon changes at Sunset, it's meaningful, since it's a reminder of the Lunar based Calendar system when everything started and ended with the Moon. The day actually began at Sunset in some Lunar based horoscope systems. The Chinese Horoscope with it's 12 animal signs is a lunar based Horoscope. Lunar based Horoscopes differ from our Western Horoscopes in that they are based on Lunar Calendars and begin or start with a New Moon every month. The Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, but even the Chinese have adopted the Gregorian Calendar which we use today. This New Moon is about the future,and the past.
How will the New Moon & Chinese New Year affect you? Visit to find out!

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