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LoveScopes 2017

LoveScopes 2017

In 2017 your romantic life could be influenced by many things. The planet of love, romance. Marriage and wealth Venus will retrograde March 4th until April 15th 2017, in the sign of Aries at 13°, through to 28° Pisces,  That means that Venus will be transiting the same degrees through May 19th, from about Jan. 26th.   Venus retrogrades about every 19 months, so this is nothing new.  When a planet goes retrograde the light coming from the planet changes it weakens and is almost the opposite of its natural and normal influence upon us.  Venus influences the female counterpart in any relationship, such as sisters, wives, girlfriends and the feminine counterpart of any relationship.  More importantly, let’s be vigilant in January with regard to relationships as Venus transits 28° Pisces and then again mid-April.  What’s so important about Venus transit is that Saturn will square Venus on April 8th, 2017.  This allows distance and coldness to enter into your promising love life.  The hope is that in May the Lunar North Node enters the sign of Leo and with the push of a Solar Eclipse in August love and passion blossoms once again.  So, if boredom or routine enters your relationship it could end.  The stars tell us that it’s passion and unbridled desire that wins in the end. There will be no settling for anything less that true love in 2017. 
Jupiter in Libra will retrograde in early Feb. 5, 2017 through June 9th, 2017 a time to re-think all the numerous romantic options Jupiter has brought into your life.  Some stellar and amazing others just mediocre.

Aries: This year you’re not shy about what you want or desire.  Maybe you have to make up for the fact that your mate, partner or significant other is off doing their own thing or there just isn’t a need to be clingy anymore.  The dynamics are fluid and ever changing in your personal relationships. Last year it was all about togetherness and this year it’s all about making your dreams come true and getting together with your significant other when time allows.  Uranus now direct in your Sun sign says you are dynamic, charismatic and others love you or avoid you.  You’re not shy in 2017, so single Aries finds someone he or she can dominate, oh my.  Your significant other is quieter than you in 2017 and oh so loyal.

Taurus: The asteroid Ceres in your Sun sign brings out all your warm and caring qualities, which is so attractive to so many.  In 2017, you attract voluptuous types who are loyal and only have eyes for you.  This year a friendship, someone who understands, someone who guides, you or helps you turns out to be the right one.  You turn a friendship into a relationship then into a live-in love affair.  The only problem is communicating your feelings and being in that spot of not knowing does he or she feel the same way about me, or not.  So, you find common ground, hang out at your mutual coffee house or watering hole, in hopes of running into him or her.  With the help of the Lunar Node during your Birthday month, many of you could change your status from Miss to Mrs. Or make it more committed by moving in together.  He or she in fact feels the same way.

Gemini: It’s no laughing matter having Saturn in Sagittarius your relationship and marriage zone, but Saturn here makes you more aware sometimes painfully so of your own need for freedom in your personal relationships.  Saturn rules things like age, responsibilities, and Gemini’s fondness for giving their significant other lots and lots of freedom. You are all too aware that your partner needs to have their own thoughts, opinions, space and do his or her own thing. So, there should have been no surprise when he or she, took that long rope and found someone else.  But that was 2016.  After all Saturn, will transit through the last 10° degrees of Sagittarius and the last 10° degrees of your relationship and marriage zone. Hopefully solidifying your relationships.  Jupiter ruler of your relationship and marriage zone brings the passion back into your life by providing you with more than your fair share of fun and games.

Cancer: As the God of the underworld Pluto transits long term through your relationship and marriage zone you’re probably used to people hiding pertinent facts from you, secretive types, married types and betrayals.  Will this continue to make you shield yourself, it might.  Typically, this transit of Pluto through the 7th house will make Cancer more ambitious, but it also brings in some very power types for your pleasure.  It can also imprison you in the relationship from hell.  In 2017 you are very aware of this as the planet Jupiter in your 4th house of beginnings and endings walks you through the minefield of relationships.  You’re still quite ambitious and important changes influence your life in 2017 but more importantly career, business and ambitions interfere far more than last year in your personal life.  Make time to connect and make those times meaningful and deep.

Leo: You could find that until May you are finishing up or completing something in your life, sort of like taking a test; ending a semester at school or trying to pass a professional licensing exam.  But as the Lunar South Node ruler of your past life enters your relationship and marriage zone, you could meet up with someone in a very unusual way who seems oddly familiar to you.  Interestingly enough you could have also met someone in 2016 who you were besotted with also.  Saturn has a way of bringing in karmic relationships.  But he also teased you with what could have been your soul mate, but disappointed you.  No one wants to be teased too much in their romantic life.  You find someone that you have just the right amount of romance with, the right amount of attraction and passion with, and in 2017 he or she wants the same things that you want, to settle down. 

Virgo: There’s no doubt that Neptune’s long term transit through your relationship and marriage zone is a blessing and curse.  You have already or will at some point feel Neptune tug at your heart, introduce you to an angel and maybe you throw everything you had away, to pursue this divine creature of love.  Having put so much into another, given so much of your time to someone, it doesn’t seem fair that he or she has changed does it?  The beginning of 2017 finds Virgo picking up the pieces and perhaps moving on.  Saturn in your 4th house brings beginnings, endings and has you facing some very deep emotions.  Still Venus and Jupiter in Libra bring passion back into your life and you have someone else to get very excited and aroused about.  Just a touch from this new angelic someone, is enough to make you move mountains and once again throw it all away for him or her. 

Libra: During Jupiter, retrograde Feb. 5, 2017 through June 9th, 2017 in your Sun sign you are slower and more observant about who is attracted to you, more protective about those you really care about and able to work through the highs and lows of the romantic year.  Jupiter is stetting you off in a new 12 year direction.  Having gone through 20° degrees of Uranus in Aries your relationship and marriage zone, you have a new perspective to say the least.  Love the one you’re with, or the one who decides you’re the one, the one who chases hardest or the one who is just the weirdest or most different won’t do in 2017.  Libra will be more cautious about who gets close, having had their hearts broken a few times since Pluto took up residence in Capricorn, you could decide on a long-distance relationship that gives you the space you need.  Juno ruler of soulmates and Venus in your relationship zone say you do find that one and only and nothing will get in the way of that relationship, but others will try.

Scorpio: With Jupiter in Libra in your 12th house of karmic completions losses due to love, and fears, getting into a relationship or starting a new romance could scare you.  You’d be the last to admit it though Scorpio is such a proud Sun sign. Feeling respected is super important to you and Scorpio in their own quiet way doesn’t like to be usurped or up staged by anyone or have anyone shine brighter than him or her.  This could be an issue.  The planet Neptune does his part by prying open your heart, making you feel self-confident.  Jupiter does his part by healing those past relationship wounds.  Now you have to do your part by letting your guard down and setting aside your armor and shield of pride and arrogance that keeps others away.  This year someone waltzes into your life and tempts you to fall in love. 

Sagittarius: Maybe you’re not out there looking for love and you have a very full and happy life.  Neptune in your 4th house suggests that you’re fine.  There are some ups and downs but you’re in a place where peace is assured and comfortable.  Leave it to the planets to throw a monkey wrench into things.  Jupiter in Libra widens your social life, brings invitations, parties and lots of people to interact with.  Venus spends lots of time in Aries and chances are an expected meeting with a tall dark handsome stranger or friend you haven’t seen in ages, sparks more than just your imagination. You’ll think about this night and day, as your imagination is engaged by long text messages and more.  This is all the more emphasized if you’ve been feeling neglected.  With Saturn in your Sun sign you realize it’s all about you and your personal happiness. Will Sagittarius leave the security of home, family and hearth for this new passionate affair?

Capricorn: You are on the receiving end of lots of attention since Pluto is in your Sun sign.  This makes you magnetic with strong likes and dislikes and you can easily attract others to your life.  Since your relationship zone is the sign of Cancer and you currently have Uranus the planet of sudden change in your 4th house your life is guided by influences beyond your control.  Saturn is finishing up his transit through your 12th house of karmic completions and some Capricorns feel that they are a work in progress.  However, in May the Lunar North Node dips into Leo your 8th house of passionate romantic affairs and it’s the one thing that lures you away from your ambitions, goals, career and profession. This could be love, and he or she could be the one.

Aquarius:  Since Aquarius is an air sign you benefit from Jupiter’s transit through another air sign, Libra.  This makes you curious about what life holds for you, unwilling to be bored or shackled into the same old routine Aquarius branches out and tries new things this year and finds love along the way.  You are adventurous and like your freedom in 2017.  So, if you feel that things are moving too fast romantically, you might slow things down much to the chagrin, and disappointment of your significant other.  That’s saying a lot since your ruler is the planet Uranus who moves at lightning speed, and you’re used to inexplicable lightning fast romances.  It’s safe to wait until the Lunar North Node enters your relationship and marriage zone to commit, because you’ll be more apt to meet a soul mate then. 

Pisces: With the Lunar South Node finishing up a 12-year karmic learning cycle in your Sun sign, you’re ready to do things differently.  You are tired of being alone. If you’ve been lonely, waiting for your career or profession to be more stable, 2017 could be your year you decide to share your life with someone.  Uranus the planet of sudden changes and exchanges, makes you desire more comfort, touching and company of others than ever before.  Perhaps you dream about just having someone to sit next to on the sofa or to share your hopes and fears with.  Pisces is looking for a friend, will be a good friend in exchange and isn’t that what we all want to fall in love with our best friend. You could find this potential friend and love in your neighborhood, at the gym, your local coffee shop or right where you work. 

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