Sunday, November 6, 2016

Happy Birthday #Scorpio if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Scorpio if you're born today a new found interest in diet & exercise has you eating healthier & obsessed with looking and feeling better. Maybe it's time since you can be very indulgent and love the finer things in life, food being up there with love. Destiny and fate are big influences in your life this year and Jupiter says "Life is short let's live it" and off you go. The year ahead sees you working on your bucket list, spoiling the kids and if you're single falling in love. In fact love is a theme and you will have many opportunities to show universal love and caring for your fellow man. This year you are touched by others loneliness and sorrow because you have experienced it yourself. You heal through reaching out & being kind to others.
This applies to you if you are a 13* Scorpio Rising (if you don't know your rising time you can get your Free Natal Birth Chart at
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