Sunday, October 9, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Capricorn & so is Mars. Gone are the days when we laugh at ridiculousness! The Moon in #Capricorn favors #Capricorn, it makes #Sagittarius do the morally sound thing or what's right, while #Scorpio has their thoughts together & a plan, #Libra sheds the past like a snake shedding it's skin, #Virgo needs needs your help but is too proud to ask, #Leo seeks to change their luck and any means will do Thank you. #Cancer finds the perfect match in love but is too scared to admit it, #Geminis are split in half those who pay and those who are owed, #Taurus seizes a new career or professional opportunity and learns faster than anyone, While #Aries pushes themselves harder than ever, #Pisces finds a good match personally & professionally #Aquarius is getting ready for a future change Visit follow me here or follow me on @instagram @terry.nazon on @Twitter at @sexstrology 

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