Monday, October 3, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Scorpio along with Venus in #Scorpio Do not force anyone to talk about their emotions today...Back up! The Moon in #Scorpio allows #Scorpio to wear a mask and be who they want to be for the moment, #Sagittarius has a boatload of things on their mind so shouldn't be provoked, #Capricorn is under pressure to give their best and should while #Aquarius can succeed today, #Pisces is a natural teacher and can tech you many things, #Aries has a mean streak to be avoided, #Taurus takes his or her sweet time in relationships, #Gemini considers giving up, & moving on, #Cancer falls in love, he/she just hasn't let anyone know yet, #Leo has their feelings hurt and doesn't take that lightly #Virgo can easily walk away with all your money if he or she gets pissed off, and #LIbra isn't showing their feelings no not at all. visit Like me on Facebook and follow me on instagram @terry.nazon 

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