Thursday, October 27, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in the sign of #Libra & tonight in the sky it aligns with Lucky Jupiter. The Moon in #Libra favors #Libra for taking matters into their own hands, #Scorpio reminisces about love or sings the song by BJ Thomas "Somebody done somebody wrong" , #Sagittarius has their hooves on solid ground & goes back into the past & picks up the pieces or friends lost along the way, #Capricorn dances to their own dance to music only they hear, #Aquarius has reached the top & is still learning, #Pisces appreciate what they have, peacefully, #Aries is in love, #taurus finds their like minded people & finally fits in somewhere, #Gemini figures out who their friends really are, #Cancer makes all the right moves with relationships which may not be a move at all, #Leo roars & lets everyone know who's boss today, and #Virgo can now get their coins in order. Visit for more daily Horoscopes! Follow me share me and Like me!
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