Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Birthday #Libra if you were born today

Happy Birthday #Libra if you were born today you will not take any SH^*T from anyone. The planets align and if anyone tries to convince you that something is green when you see it’s clearly purple, well it won’t be pretty. Libra will shed their nice demeanor and let their crazy show. Which brings up another point, if you are drinking too much, start slowing down and mending your liver. Frustration with the status quo, boredom or others taking advantage of your good nature, making you do favor upon favor, or work that diminishes you will make you drink. Saying “No” doesn’t come easily to the Fall born. But as the tension mounts you most certainly will begin to tell it like it is and put others first gently in their places and then firmly in their places. Boundary issues…everyone needs to mind their boundary issues with you. In love how will you ever find happiness with an ex hanging around? Visit follow me here or follow me on @instagram @terry.nazon on @Twitter at @sexstrology

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