Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Birthday #Libra if you were born on Oct.8

Happy Birthday #Libra if you were born on Oct.8 you could be excited in one way or another, you could be mad in one way or another or you could feel that certain situations, experiences or people just don’t fit you anymore.  People grow and like your dress or shirt size you too don’t fit into your old size anymore.  Well, that’s one way to explain it! If things feel uncomfortable find things that don’t feel uncomfortable.  Face up to the fact that you are changing because if not you will be in a very bad mood and that’s not good.  Relationships change, families change and neighborhoods change.  Don’t hang on just to hang on.  That being said it’s an excellent time to fill your Bank account! In love Uranus RX says the thrill is gone. 

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