Sunday, September 4, 2016

Today's Planet's & You

Today the Moon is in the relationship oriented sign of #Libra! This favors #Libra, sort of for quick involvements with exotic types. #Scorpio considers therapy to get over an ex, already while #Sagittarius thinks and an ex but his/her ex is more willing than #Scorpio's is. #Capricorn is ready to compete after throwing in the towel, #Aquarius gets some good news and is prepared to text their ex, #Pisces has lots of internet relationships, while #Aries love has no boundaries & is generous to a fault, #Taurus is glued to their Mobile Apps, #Gemini can't stop thinking about you, #Cancer is watching expenses just so he/she can spend more, #Leo just wants to talk to you, while #Virgo might argue with you! Visit for more

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