Friday, September 30, 2016

Today's Planets & You

TGIF Happy Friday! The Moon does something special today as it's dark it connects to the planet of abundance, largess & protection Jupiter & something otherworldly happens or touches you. The Moon in #Libra favors #Libra who has an epiphany, #Scorpio comes to relationship conclusions, #Sagittarius finds so many care about him/her, while #Capricorn rises or sinks, #Aquarius needs a reminder to smile more, #Pisces deals with frustrations but handles them differently, #Aries is oh so popular & fits right in anywhere, While #Taurus avoids a conflict trap and walks away with honors & a new job or position, #Gemini can find a new love & should release challenging lovers, #Cancer slams the door on someone or anyone who bothers him/her too much, #Leo starts a new flirtation when love is not forthcoming from another, #Virgo it's about what feels good & makes you feel comfortable. Visit Like me on Facebook /TerrynazonFanPage and follow me on instagram @terry.nazon 

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