Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today's Planets & You

The Moon in #Virgo grows dimmer, & does something well, special. It aspects the Lunar Nodes ushering in a time of change. Have you been a good boy or girl or not so much? The Moon in #Virgo favors #Virgo & #Virgo rising for major long term changes, it gets #Pisces back on track, #Libra makes a decision to rid themselves of unnecessary people, #Scorpio doesn't want people just telling them what they want to hear, or do they? #Sagittarius goes it alone because well, they have to, while #Capricorn uses #Plutos x-ray vision and stealthiness to their advantage, #Aquarius makes more headway while keeping themselves very busy, #Aries, wants to learn something valuable to use in their careers, #Taurus doesn't take anything personally toddy and that's a good thing, #Gemini may just want to stay home & do chores, & sew the buttons back on their clothes, ##Cancer is on a role romantically but can't choose who and why, #Leo faces unrequited love, oh my! Visit for more!Follow me on instagram terry.nazon and like or share my Facebook Fan page 

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